Sunday, January 11, 2009

New Feature: Predictions

How Happy has a new Predictions feature. This is a first attempt at trying to predict how you will like a given item. I know it isn't perfect so right now I am considering it experimental. The How Happy web site doesn't have a lot of voter data right now, so the predictions won't be the best. However, over time, the predictions will improve as we gather more voter data. So, one way to help make the predictions better is to create an account and start voting on things.

The prediction software running behind the scenes is based on the Slope One algorithm developed by Daniel Lemire and Anna Maclachlan. You can read more about Slope One at the following web sites:

There are other enhancements I plan on making to the prediction feature to help improve results, and as I work on them, I'll keep you informed.

I plan on working on some other new features now that predictions seem to be working. I'll be working on a Review feature where users can post reviews of any items. You will be able to state the pros and cons of an item, and maybe comment on the item as well.

How Happy

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  1. This idea kicks butt! Can't wait! 5 stars (I love it!).